The Lemoore Police Department Animal Control Officer enforces the laws and regulations that deal with animals and their owners, in order to promote the humane treatment of animals and ensure they do not suffer unnecessarily.

The Animal Control Officer:

  • receives complaints about animals from the public
  • gives warnings to animal owners about their animals and may issue a citation
  • educates the public about animal welfare, and control laws and regulations
  • looks for and catches stray animals
    gives advice to animal owners about problems they may have with dogs that roam or bark too much
  • may prepare for prosecutions and give evidence in court

Updated Animal Control Ordinance:

City of Lemoore Breeder’s Permit (Dog):


Quarantine: Animals without a license and vaccination are quarantined at Kings County Animal Control for 10 days or at a vets office of their choice for five days.

Home quarantines: They are possibly if the dog is vaccinated and licensed and no other pets are there. They are for ten days, You must check the animal at least once during the quarantine period.

Repeat Offenders: If a dog has bitten once before it must go to either Kings County Animal Control or a vet of the owners choice. No matter if the dog is vaccinated and licensed. If a dog has bitten three times, the dog is not allowed back into the City of Lemoore.


If you have lost your pet, you should always contact the Kings County Animal Shelter (584-9214) first. If they don’t have your pet, give the Lemoore Police Department Animal Control a call at 924-9574. If we find an animal that resembles the description, we will give you a call and ask you to come down to identify your pet.


Search the Kings County Animal Control Facility database for animals currently adoptable from the shelter by clicking HERE.


Please download the Animal License Registration Form, fill it out, and return it to City Hall to register your pet. It will make returning your animal easier if it is licensed.